Jewelry Making Videos

Basic Wire Jewelry Instructions and Techniques

The best free wire jewelry making videos that I could find are on this page.

These wire jewelry instructions for basic techniques include
videos of the ...

  1. double eye pin
  2. wrapped eye pin
  3. jump ring
  4. opening and closing a jump ring
  5. coil
  6. spiral

1.  Double Eye Pin

The technique in the video is slightly different from what I have explained on this WTJ website. Megan uses needle nose pliers in place of chain nose pliers. It doesn’t make a difference in the technique. I showed you how to make the loop by starting with exactly the right length of wire. Megan shows you how to make the loop and then clip of the excess.

2.  Wrapped Eye Pin

There are two wrapped eye pin videos on the Wire Wrapping Instructions page.

3. Jump Rings

Here are two jewelry making videos to watch –  one where you roll your round nose pliers towards your body and the other where you roll away from your body.

These videos are also showing you how to make a small coil with your round nose pliers.

Jump Rings 1
Rolling the round nose pliers towards your body...

Jump Rings 2
Rolling the round nose pliers away from your body...

4. Opening and Closing Jump Rings

The two jewelry making videos are similar. They use different pliers. You can open and close jump rings with any two pliers that can grip the wire well without marring it.

Opening and Closing Jump Rings 1
Open and close a jump ring with two chain nose pliers.

Opening and Closing Jump Rings 2
Open and close a jump ring with needle nose pliers and bent nose pliers.

5. Making a Coil

Coiling can be done in various ways. 

Coiling with Your Round Nose Pliers
The previous videos about making jump rings shows you how to make coils with your round nose pliers. This method is the quickest when you need only a few turns in your coil, like when you need a few jump rings.

Coiling with a Mandrel or Core Wire
Here are two videos to show you how this technique works. They are quite long, but have a lot of information in. You will also learn tips about gripping pliers, tools to use, and fixing uneven coiling.

Coiling 1
This video shows you how to start coiling on the core wire or mandrel.

Coiling 2
This one shows you how to continue coiling to make a long even coil.

6.  Spirals

This one shows you two kinds of spirals.
The one is a headpin with a spiral (closed-loop-spiral).
The other example is of an open-loop-spiral.

  • If you have a really good fine tip round nose pliers and your wire is thin and/or soft enough, you can start your closed loop spiral with your round nose pliers.
  • If you have marks on the wire of your spirals when they are finished, you either are squeezing too hard on your pliers or you are working with a poor quality tool.

Wrapping It Up
One thing that is clear after watching a few jewelry making videos, is that there are often many different ways to do the same technique. Some ways may be better than others and other may be easier to learn.

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