Making Bead Necklaces

Classic Necklace

Part 1

Making Bead Necklaces... Example

What You'll Need

Making bead necklaces instructions part 1...
of the versatile Classic Necklace tutorial.
This page is about what you'll need for this project.

Beads that you like or you think/feel are going to work in your design... any number.
In this example I'm using 7 black agate stone beads.
7 black agate stone beads


What I'm using and showing you in this making bead necklaces tutorial...
Antiqued brass wire,
I'm using half hard wire... 21 ga or 0.7 mm diameter.
I think it is a good choice if you are new to wire jewelry...
  • it is inexpensive,
  • readily available as components,
  • and you get a good result.
Making Bead Necklaces... Brass Wire

If you want to try something else...
The wire has to be half hard wire... copper, brass, sterling silver etcetera.
Choose wire that is going to work with your beads.
Remember that the wire must be thin enough to go through the beads!
And, thick and strong (hard) enough to withstand being pulled apart in everyday wear...

Strong Enough Link?
If you are unsure that your wire is strong enough... do a little test. Link two beads with the simple loop technique described later in this tutorial. Then try and pull the link apart. Use pliers if you can't grip the beads with your fingers.

Clasp and Chain
A clasp and piece of chain that is going to go with the rest of your materials.
Making Bead Necklaces... Clasp and Chain

The wire must be able fit through a link of the chain... see the picture.
Making Bead Necklaces... wire must fit through chain link.

Making two simple loops with a bead.
Opening and closing of a simple loop and jumpring.

You need the tools that you use with the above techniques...
  • chain nose pliers,
  • flat nose pliers,
  • round nose pliers,
  • wire cutters,
  • fine file (cut 2)... depending on the smoothness of your cutter's cut.

The Process...
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