Necklace Clasps

Made with Wire

Necklace clasps - this page is all about making the s-hook clasp with wire and the different hook variations.  

Here are a few examples of s-hooks that can be used as necklace clasps. You can see the “S” in each one of these.
Necklace Clasps... S-Hooks
About Top Pictures
The first and second from the left has hammered looped ends and the last has plain hammered ends. If you look closely you can see that the middle clasp has also been hammered lightly on the s-bends for extra strength.

About Bottom Pictures
The s-hook on the left has been textured by hammering and has hammered loop ends. The one on the right has not been hammered and has big round loop ends. Making these ends takes a little extra wire.
Necklace Clasps... S-HookNecklace Clasps... S-Hook

Using 14 ga or 1.6 mm wire makes a fairly large but very strong clasp for heavy necklaces.
You can make a medium sized s-hook with 16 ga or 1.3 mm wire, and a small one with 18 ga or 1 mm wire.

There are three basic styles to make S-hooks.
  • hammered round ends
  • round ends
  • hammered ends (or with ball ends if you work with a torch)


There are three tutorials of s-hooks that can be used as necklace clasps on this page. 
  1. Flat Hammered Ends
  2. Round Hammered Loop Ends
  3. Round Loop Ends
I have added written and video tutorials. If you are going to learn to make these hooks, then it is a good idea to watch and read all. What you don't learn in the one you will pick up in the other.

Tutorial 1 - S-hook with Flat Hammered Ends

Necklace Clasps... S-HookThis video shows you how to hammer the ends. If you want to make a hook with looped hammered ends then it's still useful to watch the video to learn how to do the hammered part because it's the same.

Tutorial 2 - Round Hammered Loop Ends

Necklace Clasps... S-HookThe clasp in the picture is the one that you will learn to make in this tutorial except that I did some extra texture hammering on the one in the picture.

This tutorial is for a link bracelet, but the hook clasps are exactly the same thing as the s-links in this tutorial. One of the links is the clasp.

Tutorial 3 - Round Loop Ends

Necklace Clasps... S-Hook
This tutorial is for an S-hook with round looped ends.


Opening and Closing S-hook
You often want to “close” the clasp after you have finished making it. Other times you want to “open” it to attach a soldered ring to it and close it again.  To open and close the clasp, use a twisting movement instead of pulling it open or pushing it closed.

Round Nose Pliers
I have two of these and I use both to make the larger hooks. I have a small round nose pliers with a fine point that is really good for the small bends in the ends of the hook. The largest loop that I can make with this one is about 3.5mm or about 1/8 inch. This is exactly why I need a second round nose pliers for the big loops in the s-hook clasp.

The bigger round nose pliers start with a 0.078 inch or 2mm loop and the largest loop is about 0.6 inch or about 7 mm in diameter.

In short this means that you need a round nose pliers that can make small loops and also large loops. If you have that in one round nose pliers then that is all you need.

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