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Wire for Jewelry, Sterling Silver and Copper

Wire for jewelry, sterling silver and copper. What is the difference in jewelry making?

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Sterling Silver Bracelet for Charms

This is an all wire, all sterling silver bracelet for charms... there are loads of space to dangle beads and charms from.

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Hammered Wire Jewelry... Dangle Earrings

Hammered wire jewelry... this is a pair of rustic earrings, handmade with sterling silver.

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Wire Earrings - Gallery

Wonderful wire earrings in a gallery. View jewelry artists handcrafted work.

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Simple Loop Making - Made Easy

Simple Loop Making... Part 3... The long description of the technique.

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Crochet Bead Bracelet

This crochet bead bracelet is made from cotton yarn, glass beads and jewelry findings handmade of wire.

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Wire Jewelry Instructions... Opening and Closing of Loops

Wire jewelry instructions... this is one of the first techniques you need to use as a beginner... and, it's a technique that you will keep on using. You will just get better and better at it.

Continue reading "Wire Jewelry Instructions... Opening and Closing of Loops"

Silver Chandelier Earrings

These handmade sterling silver chandelier earrings have garnet dangles. The red berry gemstone dangles are hanging from hand formed scrolls.

Continue reading "Silver Chandelier Earrings"

Wire Wrap Pendant

Wire wrap pendant... I used 28 garnet beads for this pendant.

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Bead and Wire Jewelry

In this bead and wire jewelry piece called Spice Connection - I have connected a mix of handmade silver shapes and warm colored gemstone beads to make the necklace and pendant.

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Making Jump Rings

Making jump rings detailed instructions - this is a wire jewelry making technique that you need to know and it is explained in detail on this page.

Continue reading "Making Jump Rings"

Jewelry Pliers and Cutters

Jewelry pliers and cutters for wire jewelry making... what is essential and what not.

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Dangle Hoop Earrings... Leafy Hoops

These are sterling silver dangle hoop earrings. They are comfortable, lightweight and are great for every day wear.

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Copper Jewelry with Wire... Double Pirouette Earrings

Copper jewelry with wire... this pair of dangle earrings is the kind that you can wear everyday. They are copper, simple and practical but still have enough to show.

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Jewelry Making Beads and Wire

Tips about jewelry making beads and wire... tips about choosing and buying beads for your wire jewelry designs.

Continue reading "Jewelry Making Beads and Wire"

Ring Mandrel

The ring mandrel is the essential jewelry tool that you use for ring making. You can also use it to measure size.

Continue reading "Ring Mandrel"

Wire Jewelry Tools

Wire jewelry tools and equipment... this page is about what you'll need to start making jewelry using wire.

Continue reading "Wire Jewelry Tools"

Small Silver Hoop Earrings

Small silver hoop earrings... I call these Bitty Blue Dangles. I made these blue lace bead hoop earrings with an interesting shape.

Continue reading "Small Silver Hoop Earrings"

Wire Jewelry Supply

Wire jewelry supply - all the stores where you'll find wire supplies for jewelry making.

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How to Make Earrings

How to make earrings! Tips and inspiration in making earrings with wire.

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