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Jewelry Hang Tags - Free & Printable

Find on this page: free printable jewelry hang tags

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Wire Wrapping Instructions

The wire wrapping instructions on this page... It is all about the different techniques. Use the one that works best for you.

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Wire Jewelry Projects - Hammered Hoop Earrings 2

Wire jewelry projects - This is part 2 of the hammered hoop earrings tutorial.

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Earring Making - Wire Jewelry Projects

Hoop earring making (part 1)... This page is about what you'll need to make hammered wire hoops.

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Lace Wire Crochet Earrings

This crochet earrings video provides the pattern to make these lovely earrings.

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Wire Wrap Jewelry

Wire wrap jewelry is just what it says. However, there are a number of techniques that are closely related.

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Wire Coiling

Wire coiling is a simple and handy technique that you use in wire jewelry making. You'll find instructions to make a perfect coil and a video on this page.

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Jewelry Bails - Findings

Jewelry bails for jewelry making... buying tips and use. Can you make them? Find out what exactly a bail is and learn about the many different types.

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Wire Wrap Rings

Wire wrap rings - you'll find that the words wrapped and wrapping are also used to describe this style of wire ring. Here I talk about the techniques and share the best tutorials that I found with you

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Wire Jewelry Making Tutorials

Wire jewelry making tutorials... This is where you will find the instructions for making finished jewelry pieces.

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Wire and Bead Jewelry... Gallery

Wire and bead jewelry... I'll be showing you jewelry pieces made with sterling silver and some copper wire. I hope to add to your inspiration to do something new or different...

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Half Hard Wire and Dead Soft Wire... What's It All About?

If you tell someone you want half hard wire and dead soft sterling silver wire for jewelry making... well, if they have never heard the terminology they may just frown or chuckle. Learn what it is.

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Wire Crochet Patterns and Tutorials

This is the wire crochet patterns and tutorials page. I have listed the best free patterns and tutorials. Some use beads and others not. Some of the tutorials are written and others are video.

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How to Make Earrings

How to make earrings! Tips and inspiration in making earrings with wire.

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Wire Clasp

All about wire clasp findings - features the different types of wire clasps, how to attach a clasp and about making one, from hook and eye to curly J.

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Handmade Wire Jewelry

In this gallery you'll find all the handmade wire jewelry containing all or mostly metal.

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Crochet Ring with Wire

In this crochet ring tutorial you'll see and learn step by step how to crochet a ring with wire. This video is great for anyone who wants to learn more about wire crochet.

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Jewelry Making Tools

Which basic jewelry making tools do you need? How to build your tool collection and be creative in your tool choices.

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Jewelry Wire

Jewelry wire is only plain and simple wire before it turns into precious jewelry. But you need to know your raw material. This page is the introduction page to all the know-the-wire pages.

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Wire Jewelry Supply

Wire jewelry supply - all the stores where you'll find wire supplies for jewelry making.

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