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Wire to Jewelry: I started my jewelry making journey with wire. I soon realized that wire is a basic component of many, many jewelry pieces... from the simplest to the most precious.

So, it turned out that starting with wire as your basic material and a few tools is a logical and doable place to start jewelry making... even with precious metals.

Using wire in jewelry allows you to lean more to the bead-side, or sculpture-side, or metalwork-side... or all of them!

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Hammered Wire Jewelry... Dangle Earrings

What is the Site About?

It's about sharing what I know about jewelry making. And, the humble wire is the star of the show.

It's about all styles and designs.

However, most important of all, it is about inspiration. You know, that thing that gives you a special energy to make a much loved piece.

And Important... about Wire-To-Jewelry.com

Some of the logical reasons I started with jewelry making with wire, were that I thought it was economical with my time and money. And, it is.

I thought that the tools and materials would be easy to find. But, I found that the tools and materials were not that available in my part of the world. However, I found alternatives, and ways round my stumbling blocks... and I will be sharing that with you on this web site.

NEW... Crochet and Wire
with a Crochet Patterns section.

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Wire Jewelry Supply
Wire jewelry supply - all the stores where you'll find wire supplies for jewelry making.
Jewelry Wire
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Jewelry Making Tools
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Jewelry Finding Making and Buying
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Jewelry Making Beads and Wire
Tips about jewelry making beads and wire... tips about choosing and buying beads for your wire jewelry designs.
Techniques To Make Wire Jewelry
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Wire Jewelry Making Tutorials
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Wire Wrap Jewelry
Wire wrap jewelry is just what it says. However, there are a number of techniques that are closely related.
Wire Wrap Rings
Wire wrap rings - about techniques and sharing best tutorials.
Wire Jewelry Book and Magazine Shelf
The wire jewelry book and magazine shelf - jewelry making books, magazines and reviews.
Wire Crochet and Crocheting
Wire crochet has a delicate, almost soft look. It makes beautiful airy designs.
How to Make Earrings
How to make earrings! Tips and inspiration in making earrings with wire.
Wire Earrings - Gallery
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Wire & Jewelry in the News
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Wire Work and Jewelry Making Notes
I add wire work and jewelry making information to this website all the time... Would you like to know about the most useful, valuable or really interesting things?
Making Wire Jewelry. My Story.
My making-wire-jewelry story started on the internet. But, I was looking for something else...
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Mushroom Necklace
Handpainted mushroom necklace - with red dots, fern & flower.
Butterfly Jewelry
Butterfly jewelry - always beautiful, great for little girls to nature lovers.
Poppy Jewelry
Poppy jewelry - for flower lovers, gardeners and nature romantics.
Easy Crochet Earrings
Easy crochet earrings - - super quick and easy to make.