All Wired Up
Jewelry Making Book

All Wired Up is a book with wire techniques for the beadworker and jewely maker.

This book was first published in 2000.The author is Mark Lareau.

It is a book for beginning wireworkers, but also includes some more advanced techniques.

On the Back

Tim McCreight (teacher, designer, and author) says:
"All Wired Up will equip beginning wireworkers with the skills and resources they need to have fun with this popular technique. Mr. Lareau's teaching experience and the excellent drawings explain complex maneuvers with confidence and clarity."

CeCe Wire(artist, metalsmith, and teacher) says:
"I have not found a more clearly written text or more clearly illustrated demonstrations on the topic of creating with wire. The directions are not tedious because Mark's weird and wonderful sense of humor permeates throughout. This book has my highest recommendation."

What's Inside the Book?

There are 127 pages and 9 chapters.

There is one photograph for every item made and many detailed and clear illustrations for the steps of the projects.

For example the plain earwire project - there is one photograph of the finished earwire. The project is done in 11 steps and there are 8 clear illustrations. The steps that are not illustrated doesn't need a picture like the cutting of the 3 inch wire.

Table of contents by chapter:
    1. Materials and Tools
    2. Getting Started
    3. Basic Wirework Techniques 
      • perfect simple loops
      • wrapped loops
      • scrolls
    4. Basic Wirework Projects
      • donut wraps
      • donut embellishment
      • "Jetson" earrings
    5. Findings
      • wrapped wire bails
      • fancy headpins (triangle, heart, star)
    6. Earwires
      • plain earwires
      • plain earwires with a bead
      • fancy earwires
    7. Clasps
      • s clasps without and with a bead
      • hook and eye clasps
      • strongest wire hook and eye clasp in the universe
    8. Cages
      • wire wrapping marbles
      • wire capped bead
      • wire wrapping cabochons
    9. Gallery of Contemporary Wirework
      • 20 pages of works with mostly one work a page.

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