Bead and Wire Jewelry

 Spice Connection Necklace

The bead and wire jewelry piece called Spice Connection...
I have connected a mix of handmade sterling silver shapes and warm colored gemstone beads to make the necklace and pendant.

I used a fossil coral pendant bead, small garnet button beads and square drum shaped orange aventurine beads with a variety of handmade silver components.

Bead and Wire Jewelry
This necklace is already a few years old. It was one of the first pieces I have made after learning to solder. I did some soldering on the silver components and the jump rings.

The day after I finished it, it was sold and delivered.  I made it on commission... nothing too serious because it was all in the family.

This last December I knew I was going to see much of my family. I asked the necklace back for a short visit with me. Why? To have it photographed to show it to you.

Bead and Wire Jewelry
In this picture you can see some of the handmade sterling silver components close-up.

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