Copper Jewelry with Wire

Double Pirouette Earrings

Copper jewelry with wire... this pair of dangle earrings is the kind that you can wear everyday. They are copper, simple and practical but still have enough to show.

The Wire
The pair of earrings was made out of four pieces of wire in total.

Two pieces of wire for the earwires -
20 ga or 8.5 mm or 0.0335 inch.

Two pieces of wire for the double spiral dangles -
17 ga or 1.2 mm or 0.0472 inch.

Note About Gauges
Go to the Wire Gauge Chart page for more info.

I work and measure the wire in millimeters. When I give the gauge size (see above) I give the closest gauge. However I didn't use the exact gauge.

Copper Jewelry with Wire... Double Pirouette Earrings
Copper jewelry with wire... I used only two diameters of wire
to make this pair of earrings.

Metal Color
I used a light patina on the wire. Although the earrings look quite dark, I didn't really add that much color to the original color.

You can make these earrings in sterling silver too. I am so happy with the result in copper that I may just make me (or someone else) a pair in sterling silver.

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