Copper Wire for Jewelry Making

Copper Wire for Jewelry Making

Finding Wire for Practice

If you cannot find plain copper wire for jewelry making, you can try the following...

Finding Copper Wire the Alternative Way

This is how I found my first wire...and, you may even have some at home... You can find copper wire inside electrical cables. Otherwise, you need to go to a hardware store or electrical supplies store where you can buy electrical cord or insulated copper wire by the length.

At The Store
You will have to take each electrical cord and judge the thickness of the wire inside. You can do it by looking at the wire at the end of the cord and by comparing the wire in one cord with another.

There is a good chance that you will be the first person to do this in the hardware store. This may be a bit strange to the sales person that is going to help you...

Different Diameters
You'll probably need different gauges/diameters of wire. You may not find everything exactly the way you want it. But, if you improvise and adapt a little you can go a long way with your learning projects.

Copper Wire for Jewelry Making
About the Picture
This is the copper wire that I took out of insulated electrical cord. I used it for my first attempts to make jewelry with wire.

Getting to the Copper
Getting the copper wire out of the plastic insulation can be a bit tricky. I remember that I was just about to give up when I figured out a technique that worked very well.

Tip: Try not to manipulate the wire to much... the more you do that, the harder the wire will get.

You may not know the diameters or gauges of the wire. If you know the diameter in millimeters, you can always translate it to the gauge number when you need it. And, of course the other way round.

Use a vernier caliper or wire gauge to measure your wire. If you don't have one you can find someone who has such a measuring tool. Take sample pieces along and mark the pieces once you have them measured.

Be sure to use the correct gauge system. When I started with wire jewelry I used the wrong system... total confusion! We normally use the metric system. I did get my hands on a wire gauge... But, it was the wrong gauge system.

Sometimes this is the Answer
Finding your copper wire for jewelry making this way is not the easiest way. But, it is certainly doable if you have no other option.

Any wire jewelry design can be done with copper wire.
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