Draw Plate for Jewelry Making

Draw plate - the tool you need if you want to draw your own fine, sterling silver and copper wire. These are not just for jewelry making, but on this site it's all about jewelry.

Even if you are not going to draw your own wire ever,  it's nice to know what it looks like and what you can do with it.

I say it, but actually there are many different types of plates...
You can draw not only wire, but also tubing and use it for other specialist tasks like when you are making Viking knit jewelry.
Draw Plate - Tungsten Carbide
This is a picture of a draw plate - this one has tungsten carbide inserts.

You get plates with teeny tiny holes to make extremely thin wire. Really thin wire is used for wire wrapping techniques. The plates that are used for tube making and Viking knit have much bigger holes.

Draw Plate Up Close

You can see the tiny holes in this close-up picture.
The .90 , .95 , 1.00 etc. is the diameter of the wire that you draw.

These jewelry making tools can be made of hardened steel, but also wood and tungsten carbide. The tungsten carbide are actually little inserts in the hardened steel. They produce extremely bright and super smooth wire. Round wire is not the only shape that you get, there are more shapes...

Draw Plate - View from the back

This is a picture of the back of the tool.
This is the side where you put your wire end in when you start to draw the wire.

Which Other Shapes Do You Find?
The other shapes that you often see in plates are half round, square, hexagon, oval, triangle, and star. The tungsten carbide also comes in many of these shapes.

Why do I use a draw plate?
I don't make my own wire from scratch. I have made my own wire before... you need many tools and it takes time and effort to make it. So why do I have a plate and what do I use it for? To me it is extremely useful because I use it to draw wire thinner. It's not a problem when I'm short of a specific diameter of wire anymore... I just grab wire that is a bit thicker and make it the size I want it. It makes life a lot easier.

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