Easy Crochet Earrings     

Easy crochet earrings - make it with a little bit of yarn, crochet hook, earwires and basic crochet skills. These are quick and easy to make.


You can use any yarn and appropriate hook. I used a hand dyed yarn from an indie designer that I had available. It's a lovely deep blue. If I remember correctly the yarn is made from bamboo. It has a sheen to it and it's soft. Lovely to touch but not easier to work with.


I used 1/B size hook. (US 1/B, UK 13, 2.25mm in metric) My earrings are 4cm in width. If you use a bigger hook you're going to get a larger earring and the other way round for a smaller hook and yarn.(You knew that, right!)


You can use earwires that you have made yourself or you can buy ready made ones of your choice at a bead and findings store.

Crochet Skills

These easy crochet earrings are made with single crochet only. You also need to know how to make a magic circle and slip stitch.

The List of What You'll Need

  • yarn
  • hook
  • needle
  • earwires
  • small flat note pliers

Making the Easy Crochet Earrings

Making Circle - Easy Crochet Earrings
Crochet Circle - Easy Crochet Earrings

Round 1: Begin with a magic loop/magic circle, work 6 sc in magic loop. Pull to tighten.

Round 2: Ch 1, 2 sc in same st, 2 sc in each stitch around (12 sc).

Round 3: Ch 1, sc in same st, 2 sc, *sc, 2 sc, repeat from * around (18 sc). (Finish off and weave in ends.)

Circle - Easy Crochet Earrings

Fold the circle over.

Now you have a half circle piece. The fringe edging will be added to the middle five outer stitches on the edge of both circle halves.  Start by cutting several lengths of yarn/thread and then fold them in half to give you a double piece of thread. Use your crochet hook to pull that double length of yarn through the stitch.

Fold Crochet Circle - Easy Crochet Earrings

Pull the tails through the loop and tighten to form a tassel.

Add First Tassel to Circle - Easy Crochet Earrings

Make five tassels like this in the middle five outer stitches of both halves of the folded circle.

Trim the tassels to your desired length.

Attach an earwire to the center of the circle at the top of the earrings.

That's it! You have an crochet earring - easy!

For earrings that are similar to these, but a little more complicated and a little more work visit persialou.com for her crochet earring tutorial.

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