The Handmade Lampwork Bead and Other Handmade Beads

Handmade and Artist-Made Beads
Handmade lampwork beads are beautiful and popular. However, there are many different materials that beads can be made of. You can use any of these in wire jewelry making.

Handmade & Art
Handmade and artist-made beads are small pieces of art… wearable art.
When you use them, you are also supporting an artist in his/her art.

No Limits
Anything with a hole or loop that you can thread wire through can be used. That includes charms, pendants, buttons, rings and beads.

Name of the Artist
Try to get the name of the artist when you buy the beads. Then, also make sure that you include it in your presentation of your jewelry. Remember to tell about the bead-maker when you tell people about your jewelry piece whether you are wearing the jewelry or you are selling it. It gives your jewelry piece a story to tell and it ads to the character of your jewelry.

Finding Artist-Made Beads
Try finding ceramic beads by searching for “porcelain” or “ceramic” plus “artist beads”.
Do the same for any of the other materials listed below and add “artist beads” or “unique beads” to find these pieces for your designs.

Custom Handmade Bead Search

You can also try the custom search below. It's specially made to filter in handmade bead results. Just put your search words in as you normally would.

Here is a list of the materials that are used for handmade and artist-made beads…
  • Ceramic – hand formed or molded clay with or without glazes, and oxides
  • Lampwork Glass – hand formed molten glass
  • Dichroic Glass – hand formed dichroic glass
  • Polymer Clay – fired sculptable clay-like PVC material
  • Wood – carved and shaped natural wood
  • Resin – cast and embedded synthetic resin
  • Sterling Silver and Other Metal – fabricated or hand cast metal
  • Metal Clay – sculptured or molded fine silver, copper, and bronze
  • Fabric – beads made from materials like yarn, felt, and leather
  • Enamel – glass fused to metal

Make Your Own
If you are not already making handmade beads yourself, you can also start making your own by learning about one (or more) of these techniques and materials.

Handmade & One-of-a-Kind
Whether you use handmade lampwork beads or components made in another material, you can make your jewelry pieces standout when you use handmade additions.

If you use one-of-a-kind beads you're also making your jewelry unique and one-of-a-kind.

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