Handmade Wire Rings

(Delhi India)

Handmade Wire Ring 1

Handmade Wire Ring 1

These handmade wire rings with glass beads are from Delhi India.

If you have the know-how and skill to make these rings you should be able to make them with any kind of bead and any type of wire.

I received this submission with very little accompanying information. Although there is very little info, I still decided to publish it because the rings are interesting and takes a fair amount of skill to make. They are different from other wire rings that you see on the internet.

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Tutorials Page
by: Irma

Here is a link to the Wire Wrap Rings tutorials page... Wire
Wrap Rings

Wire Ring Tutorials
by: Irma

I haven't seen tutorials for these rings anywhere yet :)

I'm busy working on a wire wrap ring tutorial page. I will post a link to that page here when done!

How Too?
by: Anonymous

Very nice handmade rings....is there anywhere on the internet that teach how to make this particular style?

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