Horseshoe Earrings

Part 1

This page features a pair of horseshoe earrings. It is the first in a series of pages...

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I am going to take you through the steps that I took to make these earrings for the first time. Then I will show you the different finishes I applied to the copper.

Horseshoe Earrings

This is a picture of the smoothly hammered copper earrings. This is how the earrings looked before I tried any patina or other decorative hammering on it.

The most difficult part of making these earrings...
was figuring out how to make the mechanism of the wire-and-hoop-connection that goes through the ear.

  • The mechanism has to swivel freely,
  • the wire must go easily through the ear,
  • the earring must be strong and the wire hard, and
  • the shape of the final product must be pleasing.

I wanted to be able to repeat the earring so that it looks exactly the same when I make it again.

The First Step
The first step in making earrings that I have never made before is to make one sample earring.

As I make the sample earring I take notes of specifics like
  • the wire diameter,
  • the lengths of wire used, and
  • the sequence of steps that I take.

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