Jewelry Finding
Making and Buying

How to make jewelry finding components or buy them... this page is the introduction to buying or making your own wire jewelry making components.

I remember when I read about findings the first time. The word findings made me think of discovering exciting precious jewels. Although not quite that exciting and rather practical, findings are still neat components to use in jewelry making.

What exactly is a Finding?

The description of a jewelry finding is that it is a jewelry component that is functional in the construction or wearing of a jewelry piece.  

Handmade or Manufactured

When buying findings you have a choice between handmade or manufactured findings. Buying handmade is probably going to be more expensive, but can possibly add more to a piece.

Make Your Own Findings!

Jewelry Finding - Lever Back Earring

The neat thing about wire jewelry making is that you have a choice to make the components yourself or buy them. Some findings are basic to wire jewelry making and are easy to learn like making jump rings.

Go to the jewelry bail page to learn about making wire bails.

Groups of Findings

Fastenings, closings and joinings… these terms are used in jewelry making world to group findings.

Fastenings and Closings

What is the difference between fastenings and closings?

Fastenings are devices that hold a jewelry piece in place on the body or on clothing.

Jewelry Finding - Lever Back Earring

Components like ear wires and pins (for piercings) are examples of findings that are used on the body. Examples of fastenings on clothing are clips (also hairclips) and brooch pins.

Jewelry Finding - Lever Back Earring

Closings on the other hand are devices that hold the jewelry pieces in place.
Examples of closings are clasps, catches and hooks.

Go to the wire clasp page to learn more about these components and go to the necklace clasps page to learn about s-hooks.


These are jewelry making components that hold parts of a jewelry piece together without having the
Jewelry Finding - Chains

purpose of fastenings and closings.

Examples of joinings are eye pins, jewelry bails , jump rings, bead caps, chains and cords.

Wrapping It Up

There is no rule that says that you have to use a specific finding for a specific purpose. If you are a creative jewelry maker then experiment and find original ways to use them or even make them.

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