Jewelry Making Beads
and Wire

Bead and Wire...

Fits like a Hand in a Glove

Jewelry making beads and wire... wire can be made into jewelry without beads.

The beloved bead also has a life of its own without wire.

But, bring bead and wire together and you have a perfect match.

This page is the starting point to tips about using beads. However, it's not about any or all beads. It's about what you need to know about beads when you make wire jewelry.

Jewelry Making Beads for Wire
About the beads in the picture:
  • The big one is a lampwork bead with a flower pattern.
  • The small pink ones are agate with surprisingly large holes, and
  • the green ones are peridot... I love these green gems. However they have teeny tiny holes and can take only the thinnest wire!

What Do You Need in a Bead?
Bead characteristics - there are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing your beads to work with.

When I started out with wire jewelry this caused me some headache and heartache!

The reason is that you cannot just buy what you see and fall in love with... some of these beauties are just not going to work for you.

Click here to read more about Large Hole Beads and Other Bead Tips for Wire Jewelry.

Why use a handmade lampwork bead or other handmade beads?

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