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The Basics

You need basic wire jewelry tools to start with. It does not have to be the most expensive tools. However, the tools must be able to do the job that it was designed for properly.

Click here to read more about how much to spend on jewelry tool kits.

Don't stop with wire jewelry making just because your tools are not good enough! Later more about tool quality.

More than the Basics

Once you have the basics, you can start building your tool collection... you can focus on what you like. For example if you are interested in making rings you would get yourself a good ring mandrel.

Ring Mandrel - This is the tool that you use for ring making. You can also use it to measure ring size.

Draw Plate - The tool you need if you want to draw your own sterling, fine silver and copper wire. Read at least the last paragraph on this page!

About Quality
Higher grade tools become more important when you spend more time with the tools... you want to be more efficient and be able to work for longer hours without any added pains and frustrations from your tools.

The great thing of high quality tools is that it is a joy to work with. They are better for the soul, the hands and the quality of your work. Get at least good quality pliers and cutters when you can afford it.

The Fun Part for Some...

Improvise and make your own tools and equipment when you need or want to.
Why not?
These tools can be even better than the store bought versions. And probably much cheaper.

I have had to improvise a few times. My hammer-bag, mandrels and files comes to mind. I felt a bit self conscious about these...

But, one day I read an article about seasoned bench jewelers. (I just wish I can find it now... will link here when I find it...). The short message that I picked up from this article was that it is quite common for jewelers to improvise some of their tools.

The store bought tools are available in their workshop. However, they may still prefer to use their own specialized version.

Since I read this article I take more pride when I find an alternative idea or better way... So go ahead and be creative with your tool-ideas.

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