Jewelry Pliers and Cutters

What is Essential
What is Not

All Wire Jewelry Pliers Have Jaws with Smooth Surfaces

I should put this sentence in flashing neon lights. All pliers for wire jewelry making... must have smooth jaws. Shark pliers (pliers with serrated jaws) will leave their teeth marks on the wire... unless you find a way to cover the teeth.

Can't Do Without

Small Round Nose Pliers
Round nose pliers are used for circular bends like jump rings and eye pins. Sometimes we use them for curved and soft bends too.

Chain Nose Pliers
The chain nose is used for soft bends and gripping wire.

I use a micro bevel cutter. However I think flush cutters are good too.

File wire ends smooth, if the cut that you get from your cutters are not smooth or as flat as you like. Higher quality cutters will give you a cleaner cut and less or no filing.

Almost As Important As "Can't Do Without"

Flat Nose Pliers
Flat nose pliers are mainly used for sharp bends and gripping. The gripping as second pliers is the reason I say that the flat nose is almost as important as the "can't do withouts".

What do I mean with "gripping as second pliers"?
Sometimes you need to have pliers in your left and right hand... both gripping the wire. So, although I use my flat nose pliers the least, I can't do without it.

One example of such a task is the opening and closing of a jump ring... something almost all jewelery makers have to do at some time.

Two chain nose pliers will also do this kind of task. But the best is to buy a flat nose... you gain the tasks that you can do with a flat nose.

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