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Which Tools & What Quality

Jewelry tool kits for wire jewelry... which are the essential tools and what quality of tools to buy. This info will also help you if you are buying a gift for someone.

If you are brand new to using wire in jewelry making... you have to decide how much you are going to spend. You can spend as little as $30 to more than $200 on jewelry tool kits that pretty much look the same.

My thinking... if you are brand new to this and are not sure how much you will like it, try to rather not spend too much. Test your interest first.

On the other hand... if you like working with your hands and like jewelry... you have a good idea that you are going to continue doing this... well you may want to consider spending more... at least buy good pliers.

Also, if you know what you want to do and it includes that you want to work with thicker gauge wire... you will have to go for high quality tools that are going to handle the thick wire. High quality tools will have their max-wire-thickness specified.

Do your homework to find out which quality pliers are available in your area.

What are your Options?

This is how I see it...

Option A... cheap tool kit

I don't think this is a good option. The only good side to this option is that you save a little money.

If you buy a really bad quality kit, and you like making wire jewelry...I think you will find yourself buying better pliers very soon. Or, even worse... you give up wire jewelry because you think you are not good at it. And, this can happen just because your tools are not up to doing their job.

Option B...budget tool kit (not quite the cheapest)

If you buy budget pliers, you may still buy better pliers in the near future. However, the difference to option A is that you may still have your budget pliers to take on vacation or have your niece-or-nephew-or... work with you. You will still have use for the tools.

It is worth your while to take this option if you are really not sure whether you will continue with wire jewelry or if you want to do some basic work with thinner wire.

Option C... high quality expensive tools

You buy high quality pliers (expensive) and you love wire jewelry... you made a good decision. But, you don't always know that you are going to love it and don't always need to spend quite that much.

What Should be in a Wire Jewelry Tool Kit?

Click here for more information about the different wire jewelry tools.

Basic Wire Jewelry Tool Kits... No Hammering

  • round nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers
  • flat nose pliers
  • cutter
  • equalling needle (number 2 cut) file or a file with a similar filing surface with at least one flat side

Look at Making Bead Necklaces... Classic Necklace (part 1). This is an example of what you can do with these tools in the No Hammering list above.

To Add Hammering

  • hammer
  • steel bench block
  • nylon head mallet... you can get by without this one
  • hammer noise muffler

Expanding Basic Tools

  • patina solution... like liver of sulfur
  • mandrels
  • bench pin and anvil or rubber block
  • more needle files... other shapes and cuts
  • vernier caliper
  • steel ruler
  • brass brush

If you know exactly what you want to make, use your specific tutorial (book, internet) to get info about other tools that may be necessary for your specific project.

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