Jewelry Wire

Jewelry Wire... Sterling Silver

Jewelry wire is only plain and simple wire before it turns into precious jewelry. But you need to know your raw material. This page is the introduction page to all the know-the-wire pages...
It glues all the technical wire-specific-pages together.

Starting with Copper?

The first wire I used was copper wire. I wanted to try out a few basic techniques. It was just to test the waters...
Do I really want to do this?

Why is it a good idea to start with copper?

  • It is inexpensive.

  • It is easy to work with.

  • And it is readily available.
These three reasons have the following effect on me... I tend to be more relaxed and feel free to experiment when working with copper wire. And, that is why I still use it.

Where can you find copper wire for jewelry making? Click on the link to find the answer.

Wire gauge and diameter... just remind me what that is...

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