Lampwork Bead Jewelry

Blue Flower Pendant

Lampwork Bead Jewelry... Flower Pendant
Lampwork bead jewelry is special because it's unique.

I used sterling silver wire and a lampwork bead in this pendant.

Lampwork beads are made by hand. That is why each one is unique. That is also what makes working with these artisan made lampwork beads so special.

I bought this bead at a bead show. I love flowers, I love glass, and I love the combination of the two. I also know that I'm not alone when it comes to loving glass and flowers.

About the Bead
The bead is about 0.63" or 16 mm in diameter.

There are five glass flowers encased in transparent glass... two big light blue ones and three smaller ones.

The smaller flowers are on a layer on top of the bigger flowers. The background (the center) is a lovely deep blue.

About the Wire Work
I have added some wire work on the top and at the bottom of this bead.

At the bottom I have added a tiny sterling silver donut bead.

I have used 18 ga or 1 mm diameter of wire through the bead hole and wrapped it in a simple wrap at the top.

I made a hook to dangle the bead from. It's made of 17 ga or 1.1 mm diameter wire.

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