Pliers and Cutters

I use Lindstrom pliers and cutters for wire jewelry making... the best quality jewelry tools that is widely available.

I bought the tools when I started getting serious about wire jewelry making. It was the best quality that I knew about and I could get hold of. And, I see that Lindstrom pliers are still recognized as one of the best...
if not the best.

The brand did not start as tools for jewelry making. And they are still not exclusive for jewelry making. However, it seems to be used widely in wire jewelry making.

I have been very happy with my pliers. They haven't disappointed me in the least. It still feels good to use the tools. They are not quite as sparkly clean as in the beginning... they are well loved tools.


I have two cutters. But, one is actually enough. I kind of inherited the second cutter from my tool supplier. It is a much older looking tool (although it wasn't used when I received it). But, it works just fine. I use it for cutting and snipping when I feel that I can spare my 8160... like on thicker gauge wire.

The 8160 Cutter
I call it by it's product code, because if you have a look at Lindstrom's catalog you will see that there are more pliers and cutters than you ever imagined (that is if you haven't looked at such a catalog).

Until recently I thought that an Ultra-Flush cutter would have been a better choice... however, when I read through the information about cutters I realized why I actually made a good decision (for me) to buy a Micro-Bevel, Oval head cutter.

I read on the web site that the Micro-Bevel has the best capacity and life. And, the Oval head has the strongest type of head. Which means I bought the strongest type of pliers that can cut all the wire diameters that I use.

This cutter can cut 0.4 to 2.0 mm copper wire.


Round Nose - 7590
The round nose is a 7590. I keep the little plastic cover on the prongs when I am not using it.

Chain Nose - 7893
The chain nose is a 7893.

Flat Nose - 7490
The flat nose is a 7490.

Big Round Nose
I am not happy with my big round nose pliers. Let me quickly say that is not a Lindstrom! I can't remember clearly... I think the supplier couldn't supply me with a Lindstrom. I really don't use it often... and I big part of the reason is that it is not good for wire jewelry. It makes me think about my Lindstrom tools and how much I don't have to complain about.

Another Range of Pliers

There is another range of Lindstrom pliers on the market. It is the Rx cutters and pliers. They look comfy to work with. They say that they are even easier on your hands than the ones I have... although I don't have any complaint about my team.

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