Making Wire Jewelry
My Story

My making wire jewelry story started on the internet. But, I was looking for something else...

I was totally inspired to start making lamp worked beads. But, I couldn't find local suppliers or instruction. Then I went to the internet to dig for info about lamp worked beads. I found Connie Fox's site. And, I found lovely glass beads without instructions... but, I also found wire jewelry! I tried two projects with my extremely limited tools and supplies...

Wire History
I have always liked working with wire… I think it has something to do with wire's unlimited potential. I do remember the first thing I made with wire. It was a wire coat hanger for my Cindy doll clothes. I think I must have been 5 or 6. And, the wire was steel. It was not even shiny anymore. But, it worked... the clothes stayed on the coat hanger.

I Found a Site! Continued
I continued with Connie Fox's instruction. The jewelry in her gallery inspired me. At the time it was all wire. It was mostly bangles, brangles and bracelets. Anyway, this is how I remember it.

I had budget tools or let it be said very cheap tools. A small round nose pliers that I thought was cute when I was still at school (I bought it). And then I also had a small flat nose pliers and a cutter for some or other craft.

I had basic tools. But, I needed wire of different gauges. She suggested copper. Finding the copper was another story.

I practiced basic techniques. But, I didn't wear anything I made. The reason was more about the copper that I didn't like at the time, than the looks of my jewelry.

Sterling Silver Wire
Then I started working with sterling silver wire... and, I started wearing my own pieces. I enjoyed working with sterling silver. I even started giving jewelry as gifts.

You can say that I am self trained. I did overcome many obstacles. But I am really grateful for all the information that people share on the internet. Now, I am sharing what I know about making wire jewelry and help a few others.

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