Men's Silver Ring

I made a men's silver ring as a gift recently. It's a simple piece but it's quite heavy.

I have wanted to make my dad a piece of jewelry for a long time. It's easy to make jewelry for most of the lady family and friends. The men are a different story.

Like many of you, I have men around me that are not exactly into wearing jewelry. In any case not much more than a wedding band. It's not that they have a major objection. They are just not use to it.

It's funny how they have hinted that they also want a piece of jewelry as a gift. So they want something, but what is that something that they want?

The Solution
I thought of making a simple ring, seeing that I work with sterling silver wire most of the time. One round of silver wire was just too little material and it was just too light. Then I thought of combining two round wires to form a solid double band ring. The two wire rings are soldered together to have the look of two rings, but is actually one solid piece.

Men's Silver Ring

This is the men's silver ring that I made and gave as a gift.

I had to make the ring on an old ring's measurement. It turned out that the ring is a fraction too big. That's ok, because it's far easier to make a ring a bit smaller than bigger.

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