Pendant Beads... Fossil Coral

Stone Flowers

I bought a string of fossil coral pendant beads. They are 1" or 2.5cm and
they have a flat-oval shape.

I fell in love with these stone beads... they have a beautiful natural look. The fossilized coral looks like little flowers.

I made most of the stones into pendants... they are a really good size for a pendant. You can wear it on a long necklace. But, you can also wear the same pendant on a neck ring.

Pendant Beads... Fossil Coral Beads

The pendant bead in the picture...

The pendant in the picture is used with sterling silver wire and a variety of sterling silver beads. I made a bead at the end of the silver wire to stop the beads from falling out at the bottom.

I made a simple wire wrap at the top of the pendant. The bail was made out of a flattened piece of wire.

Pendant Beads... Fossil Coral Close-Up

All the stones on the string that I bought were light in color... all natural colors. The amazing thing about the colors of the stone is that you can wear it with almost anything.

The only thing stopping me from wearing it all the time... is that it gets boring.


Handmade necklaces, chains and pendants and

handmade in silver.

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