Ring Mandrel

The ring mandrel is the jewelry tool that you use for ring making. You can also use it to measure ring size.

Ring Mandrel

This is a picture of a ring mandrel made of tool steel.
It is marked with the British sizing system.

It's a round tapered bar made of tool steel and sometimes wood. The tool steel version is more accurate and can withstand hammering. I have also seen plastic ones that can be used for measuring and wire wrap jewelry techniques.

Ring Size Systems
The mandrel has the sizes marked on the side at the specific size positions. There are three main size systems... American, British and European. The American runs from 1 - 13. The British system runs down the alphabet from A to Z. The European system runs from 38 to 69.

Uses in Jewelry Making
The tool steel version is used for bending, forging and shaping. It can also be useful when building wax models for casting, engraving, gemstone setting and metal finishing. If you are going to make rings, you'll be needing one and they are suprizingly inexpensive. It will be worth your while to invest in a quality tool.

Ring Mandrel Close Up


You can also measure ring size with this tool. If someone has a ring that fits perfectly, you can measure that size and make one in an identical size. In this case it doesn't even matter which sizing system is engraved or marked on the tool.

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