Safety Information

Safety Information... Making Wire Jewelry

  • Your best safety device is to be a careful worker. I read this somewhere and I think it is very good advice.
  • Ask a knowledgeable person when in doubt.
  • Use common sense.

The Legal Words bears and accepts no responsibility for injury or damage which may result from using information found on this website.

More basic safety tips:

Take care when you cut wire... Don't let the ends fly through the air like missiles. Place your index finger on the side of the jaws of your cutter to prevent the little piece of wire (potential missile) from finding your eyes, or somebody else's. However, take care not to hurt your finger by sticking your finger between the blades!

Read instructions that come with your tools, equipment and materials.

Doing a lot of hammering and/or other loud operations? Wear hearing protectors to reduce noise to protect your hearing.

Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying metal and other materials.

This is a valuable safety tip from Tim McCreight's Fundamentals of Metalsmithing. "Eat, drink, and be merry, but not in the studio. Airborne particles and fumes will fall into snacks and cups on the bench and can be ingested. Dust that gathers on your hands will come off on your sandwich or cigarette, and from there it's a quick trip into your mouth".

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