Eye Pin... Simple Loop Making... Part 3

Also called
Eye Loop
Perfect Loop

Also in this eye pin making ( simple loop ) series...

Part 1
To show you how the wire will be reshaped.
Eye pin making (simple/eye loop)... Part 1

Part 2
How to use your pliers to reshape the wire.
Eye pin making (simple/eye loop)... Part 2

Part 3 (on this page)
The long description of the technique.

Part 3...

The long description of this technique.

When you are new to wire jewelry...
  1. It is best to start with a piece of wire that is long enough...
    about 3-4" or 70-100mm.

  2. Do your first loops round about in the middle of the prongs...
    Do them halfway from the sharp end to base.
  3. Simple Loop... making the prongs of your round nose pliers
  4. Make a mark on your round nose pliers' prongs
    Do it where you are going to make your loop.
    Make the mark with a permanent marker...
    The marks I have made have never lasted very long...
    It rubs off quite quickly.

With Flat Nose Pliers...

Other pliers can be used... I use my chain nose pliers.
  1. bend wire 90 degrees...
    Where to make that bend depends on
    - your wire gauge and
    - where on the round nose prong you are making the bend.
    Click here to go to Wire Jewelry Technique... the recipe to make the bend for a simple loop in an eye pin.

With Round Nose Pliers...

  1. grab the end of the bent wire
    grab the wire at the very end...
    but, you have to get a proper grip.

  2. start bending with a rolling motion
    I make my roll-bend away from my body,
    but I have seen other people making the bend towards their body.

  3. roll-bend
    as far as you can go without hurting or straining your wrist.

  4. re-grip

  5. roll-bend
    to complete the circle
    stop bending when the end of the wire touches the 90 degree bend/corner.

This picture shows you an example of the use of a simple loop.
It is just one of many, many uses. Simple Loop, Eye Pin Example

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