Smoky Quartz Pendant

The First

Smoky Quartz Pendant

The Pendant
This smoky quartz pendant was my first sterling silver pendant with a gemstone.

The Pieces
The quartz bead has a smooth surface. At the bottom I made a coil or swirl to keep the stone secure.

At the top of the stone I used the wire to make a whirlwind-wrap. At the time I didn't realize that you can rework the wire if things didn't work out. So, the first time I used this technique in silver was tense to say the least.

The link is a mini swan-link. It is not going to let go of the stone. The wire is too thick and strong.

First Impressions
At first I liked it, and then I thought I would be the only one that liked it. I was wrong! And, I'm happy about that. My mother is now the proud owner of this pendant.

She wears it on a medium-thin chain, or on a neck ring that I have made to her clever design specifications.

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