Sterling Silver Jewelry Wire

Finding a Supplier...

Finding a sterling silver jewelry wire supplier for jewelry making can be as simple as finding a store that sells wire... a reputable web-store or a walk-in-store.

Some of us are not so lucky...
I have used mostly copper wire and sterling silver wire. But in both cases I had to find a supplier. And I mean really find a supplier.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Wire At times this took so much energy that I thought I may not want to do wire jewelry anymore.

On the Web
There are suppliers on the internet to get your wire supply from. But, I live far away and expected to pay quite a bit for shipping... wire (metal) doesn't make for light packages.

Importing Precious Metals
If you're thinking of buying precious metal from another country you will have to find out about importing precious metals to your country.

I decided it was going to be easier to find a local supplier... but, I couldn't find a local supplier on the internet.

Manufacturing Jewelers
I searched for manufacturing jewelers. But, you can imagine that they are not all making or using wire. I also didn't get leads or help from the people that I phoned.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Wire... Valuable Scrap Metal

Best Source of Information
I found my leads for suppliers from a student's jewelry tool supplier. They actually sold sterling silver too, but only as granules.

The companies I am using now are manufacturing jewelers. And, I find it easy to work with them. I just send them my order and I have to wait a few working days for the manufacturing of the wire. By the way my orders are still not huge orders.

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