Sterling Silver Locket

Book Locket
Filigree Locket

This sterling silver locket may just be a source of inspiration if you like lockets and delicate wire work.

A Sterling Silver Locket... A Little Filigree Book

The silver locket belongs to my mother. I have been mesmerized by this piece since I was a little girl. I have always been intrigued by lockets. But, this one has even a bit of fantasy added... it's a little book.

I haven't seen it for a while... so I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that this piece is almost entirely made out of wire.

Sterling Silver Locket... Side

Parts Not Made With Wire

The only parts that aren't made out of wire are the book pages and decorative ovals.

I think you can substitute these parts with wire parts. You would be able to use joined (soldered) wire pieces as the book pages. And you can just add decorative wire work to replace the ovals.

The locket is totally functional...
The hinges and clip are made out of silver wire and works just fine.

The size of the locket

  • 30mm / 1.18" wide (from hinge to clip)
  • 35mm / 1.38" top to bottom
  • 10mm / 0.4" thick

Sterling Silver Locket... Hinge Something Special
You could store something inside the locket...
something that is light and pretty... whatever you store inside will be partially visible...

A Few Ideas
  • a butterfly wing
  • a small dried rosebud or petals
  • a little note on pretty paper (everybody is going to want to read it!)
  • a folded strip of pictures
  • a favorite pebble
  • and there must be many other ideas...

Filigree Work

This piece is also an example of filigree work. The parts made with thin twisted wire are called filigree work. The wires are joined at contact points.

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