Neat Tool Storage System

A DIY Tool and Material Storage Idea

This page is about a DIY tool storage system. It is a really neat idea to store your files and other tools.

What is a File File?
...It is a file for files.

There is a File File tutorial that I discovered at Jewelry Artist Magazine. It is a really neat idea to store your files. But, when I saw this, my head started ticking over about what else you can do with the same materials...
PVC pipe and PVC cement...
Two inexpensive materials that are widely available!

At first I thought about all the other jewelry making tools that can also fit into such a system. There are different diameters of PVC pipe available. So, you can make another system for your pliers. And then one for your mandrels...

Where to find the different diameters of pipe...
The different diameters of PVC piping are not in one section of the hardware stores that I visit. I find the smaller diameters in the electricity section. And I find the larger pipes in the bathroom and fittings department. I really don't know whether this is the rule globally. I am just telling you so that you know not to expect the PVC pipes in one department.

A DIY Aficionado?
If you are really into DIY, you can take this PVC-pipe-idea even further for your storage and organization needs. But, if you read this far, you probably already think that too!

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