Wire Bracelet with Jasper Beads

This is a wire bracelet with gemstone beads and wire wrap detail.

Wire Bracelet with Gemstone Beads

The stones are jasper and the wire is sterling silver.

About the Stones

The brown jasper stones are smooth, but randomly shaped. There are all kinds of patterns on the stones and they are mostly a deep red brown color with interesting inclusions.

Wire Bracelet with Gemstone Beads

The Components

I have used two different thinner wire gauges and also twisted wire for the coils. I used sterling silver round beads and flat wire spacers on a 1.5 mm (15 gauge) core bangle.

Then there is also a swan clasp made from 1.5 mm (15 gauge) wire and two other stone-charm dangles made with 1 mm  (18 gauge) wire.

Wire Bracelet with Gemstone Beads

Lesson Learned

I made this bracelet many years ago when I started making wire jewelry. I started wearing it shortly after finishing it. The sad thing is that one day I received a negative comment which really spoiled my appreciation for my bangle for a long time... silly.

You often have to remind yourself that tastes and personalities differ. You also have to remind yourself of the value of your own art, work and tastes!

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