Wire Clasp

This wire clasp page features the different types of wire clasps, how to attach a clasp and also has tips about making one.

Types of Clasps Made with Wire

Wire Clasp - S Hook


This first clasp is an S-hook. I have the S backwards in this picture, but you can still see the backwards S. This hook works with one or two jump rings. In the picture is an oval ring, but a round ring is also perfect.

Wire Clasp - Swan


This is another popular and strong clasp. This one becomes really strong when you hammer the round ends on both sides.

Wire Clasp - J Hook


This is a big hook. This one can also work with a jump ring on both sides.

Wire Clasp - J Hook


This one is a J-hook. Not a big mystery why it's called a J-hook. This one also works with one or two rings.

Wire Clasp - Curly J Hook


I call this one to the left a curly-J. This is just my name for it. It needs a larger ring for attaching because the curly part needs to fit through the ring.

Wire Clasp - Wrapped Hook & Eye - Egyptian

Hook & Eye

This is a wrapped hook and eye clasp. It's also called an Egyptian clasp. It's very strong.

Wire Clasp - Wrapped Hook

Wrapped Hook

This is another wrapped hook that will work with any jump ring or wrapped loop.


You can buy all these clasps and you can also choose to make them yourself. When you buy clasps you are either buying real handmade-with-wire clasps or the clasps may be cast.

Attaching a Clasp

It’s really easy to attach a clasp even if you don’t have any wire jewelry skills.

You will probably have to learn to open and close a jump ring though.

You need two pliers that grip reasonably well. Say you have a chain nose pliers and a flat nose pliers. Then you are ready to go to the making jump rings page (2nd half of the page) to learn the technique and attach your clasp with a jump ring.

Learning to Make a Wire Clasp

Learning to make your own wire clasps is a very satisfying experience. It’s one of the first things that you can learn to make with wire. You can use it with wire jewelry, any other jewelry or bead project.


Harder wire gives you a more machined or hard kind of look, where bending with softer wire gives a more handmade look.

Make smaller clasps with thinner wire and use heavier gauge wire for bigger clasps.

Don’t stop at the traditional form. Be creative and make you own designs and add-ons.

Wire Clasp & Bails Inspiration

Pin bord inspiration from

Lynne Turnbull's (UK / Jewellery Designer, artist and artisan) image collection:

Wire & Metal Clasps & Bails

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