Wire Crochet Jewelry

Wire crochet jewelry - Learn how to make jewelry by crocheting with wire.

What can you make?
You can make necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings... any jewelry piece. With some designs you may just need a few additions like beads and other findings to complete your jewelry piece.

What You'll Need
The very basic material and tools that you need are wire, a crochet hook and something to cut the wire with.

The Wire
You use thin or soft wire to crochet.
The tutorials on Wire-to-Jewelry use from 0.25 mm ( 30 gauge ) to 0.5 mm (24 gauge) soft wire.

Many types of wire will work. Fine silver, brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminum. People also use artistic wire and color craft wire.

The Crochet Hook
The size of the crochet hook determines the size of the loops.

The tutorials on Wire-to-Jewelry use from a
2 mm hook ( US steel hook no. 1 ) ( UK 14 ) to a
5.5 mm hook ( US I / 9 ) ( UK 5 )

About Using Beads
Small and medium sized beads are the best beads to use with crochet.

The great thing about using such thin wire is that you can use all your smaller beads. You can be almost sure that your wire will fit through the hole of the bead.

This is so different from working with thicker gauge wire. When you work with thicker gauge wire you are so often disappointed when the wire cannot fit easily through the bead hole.

The Learning Process
Some people advise that you need to learn to crochet with yarn before you start wire crochet jewelry. However, I think you can try crochet with wire without learning about crocheting with yarn first if you are going to make a piece of jewelry where you'll only need to make a chain stitch.

It is a good idea to start out by learning to crochet with thicker yarn if you start your learning process with yarn. Then move on to using thinner yarn because that takes you a little closer to wire.

Knowing how to crochet gives you the basic know-how to start to crochet with wire. You still need to learn how to do it with wire. It is somewhat different.

Wire does not have any stretch and is not flexible as yarn. Once you made a bend in it, you don't just change it easily. When you start crocheting with wire you realize you have constraints that never existed when you were working with yarn. You need to adapt to this.

Are there other differences between working with wire and yarn?
When working with wire you can shape and bend the crocheted piece until it looks like you want it to look. This will help you to get through the making of your jewelry piece when the piece doesn't look that perfect while making it.

Learn basic stitches
You can learn the basic stitches with yarn from many web sites with instructions and images or by watching videos.
For some patterns you need to know as little as how to start and how to do chain stitches.

This video is a really good one to watch and learn about wire crochet jewelry even if you're not planning to make a ring.

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