Wire Crochet and Crocheting

Wire crochet has a delicate, almost soft look. It makes beautiful airy designs that can be intricate, messy looking or clean and elegant depending on the stitch, skill and beads used.

It makes lovely bridal jewelry on its own or with light colored crystals, pearls, gold and silver beads.

It is made by using thin wire and a crochet hook. It works best with thin soft wire. The experience of crocheting with wire is very different from using yarn.

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I was already using wire in jewelry making for many years when I tried crochet with wire the first time. I knew how to crochet, but I haven't crocheted for a long time. I thought it a good idea to go and play with yarn to practice a bit before I took on the wire.

This was before winter which is a really good time to get enthusiastic about crocheting with yarn. I enjoyed myself so much that I forgot about wire for the whole winter. By the way there are sooo many all season projects for yarn crochet that I'm still continuing crocheting. I also combined wire jewelry elements with yarn to make jewelry. It makes very pretty and comfortable jewelry.

Light and Comfortable

Crocheting wire can also make a lighter and easier to wear jewelry piece. It of course depends on how you make the piece and the weight of the beads if you choose to use beads.

Does comfort count? For sure. Some people (like me) prefer to wear light comfortable pieces of jewelry for everyday. As I'm writing this I look at my bangle I have put on this morning. Guess what! It's on my desk next to my keyboard. I stay too aware of the jewelry and that translates into "it's bugging me". I'm not even aware of the actions when I'm taking the piece of. I just notice the jewelry lying on my desk during the day.

A much bigger looking piece of crocheted wire can be surprisingly light because it doesn’t have that much metal in it. That means you can make a bigger looking piece for a smaller price if you are working with more expensive materials like fine silver or gold filled wire.

Read more about making jewelry by crocheting with wire. (This page is coming soon)

Types of Crochet and Techniques

There are many types of crochet and there are also a number of crochet stitches.

A little something that you need to take note of is that there are crochet patterns and tutorials available for wire crocheting that don’t use the basic techniques of crochet.

Dee Stanziano says in her website that there are 129 types & techniques of crochet listed.

Wow! That many?

Here is the list of crochet types and techniques. Something else that I know is off topic but couldn't help noticing is her list of famous crocheters that you can find on her CrochetWithDee site.

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