Wire Gauge Chart

This is an AWG or American wire gauge chart used in wire jewelry making.

ll the commonly used wire diameters are included in the chart.
The commonly used gauges are from 12-gauge or 2.05 millimeters to as thin as 30-gauge or 0.255 millimeters.

I have added some smaller and larger diameters to cover for the exceptions. These are...

Smaller Diameters

  • 31 ga and 32 ga or
  • 0.227 mm and 0.202 mm
Larger Diameters
  • 10 ga and 11 ga or
  • 2.59 mm and 2.3 mm

The rest of the diameters were left out.

You can also use the Wire Gauge Calculator to do conversions.

Wire Gauge Chart

AWG chart... American Wire Gauge Chart

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