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Jewelry - Wire Gauge Calculator

A wire gauge calculator to use when making wire jewelry. Converts millimeters, inches and gauges.

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Wire Gauge Chart

A wire gauge chart to use when working with wire jewelry.

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Half Hard Wire and Dead Soft Wire... What's It All About?

If you tell someone you want half hard wire and dead soft sterling silver wire for jewelry making... well, if they have never heard the terminology they may just frown or chuckle. Learn what it is.

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Wire Coiling

Wire coiling is a simple and handy technique that you use in wire jewelry making. You'll find instructions to make a perfect coil and a video on this page.

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Wire jewelry making, from techniques to inspiration.

Exploring wire in jewelry making. Features tutorials, techniques, nifty tools, tips, ideas, inspirations, information on getting started and help for those living in remote areas.

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Wire Bracelet with Jasper Beads

Neat wire bracelet with gemstone beads and wire wrap detail.

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Wire for Jewelry, Sterling Silver and Copper

Wire for jewelry, sterling silver and copper. What is the difference in jewelry making?

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How to Make Earrings

How to make earrings! Tips and inspiration in making earrings with wire.

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Easy Crochet Earrings

Easy crochet earrings - - super quick and easy to make.

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Wire Crochet Patterns and Tutorials

This is the wire crochet patterns and tutorials page. I have listed the best free patterns and tutorials. Some use beads and others not. Written and video.

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Wire Clasp

All about wire clasp findings - features the different types of wire clasps, how to attach a clasp and about making one, from hook and eye to curly J.

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Lace Wire Crochet Earrings

This crochet earrings video provides the pattern to make these lovely earrings.

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Poppy Jewelry

Poppy jewelry - for flower lovers, gardeners and nature romantics.

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Butterfly Jewelry

Butterfly jewelry - always beautiful, great for little girls to nature lovers.

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Wire Jewelry Making Tutorials

Wire jewelry making tutorials... This is where you will find the instructions for making finished jewelry pieces.

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Wire Wrap Earrings

Wire wrap earrings... They are made of a pair of pretty blue lace agate beads.

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Wire Wrap Ring Tutorial

In this wire wrap ring tutorial you'll see and learn how to make rings with wire and beads, one bead per ring. This video is great for anyone who wants to learn this technique

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Jewelry Bails - Findings

Jewelry bails for jewelry making... buying tips and use. Can you make them? Find out what exactly a bail is and learn about the many different types.

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Lampwork Pendants

Lampwork Pendants, this is my Spring Feeling pendant. It's a handmade glass bead pendant with sterling silver wire.

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Wire Pendants - Gallery

Wonderful wire pendants gallery. View jewelry artists handcrafted work.

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