Wire Jewelry Making

Tutorials and Projects

Wire jewelry making tutorials... This is the project section of Wire to Jewelry. It is where you'll find the instructions for making finished jewelry pieces.

Necklaces and Pendants

Classic Necklace Tutorial
Choose your own beads and wire... dress it up or dress it down.

Although this is the starting point to practice your basic wire skills for making jewelry, it is also a set of skills and techniques that you...

  • can always come back to when you just want to make something simple with beads you love,
  • can build a business around, and
  • almost always have a reason to use in some or other form.

This tutorial uses basic techniques that you can learn on this web site.
In the tutorial you will find...
  • the info about materials and tools that you need to use,
  • the skills and techniques that you need to know.

Making Bead Necklaces... Example
Do the Making Bead Necklaces... Classic Necklace (part 1) Tutorial.

Continue with  
Making Beaded Necklaces... Classic Necklace Part 2.

Hoop Earring Making
Start with the Hoop Earring Making Project - Part 1.

Continue with the Wire Jewelry Projects - Hammered Hoop Earring Making - Part 2.

Continue with the Wire Jewelry Tutorial - Hammered Hoop Earring Making - Part 3.

Horseshoe Earrings
Making Horseshoe Earrings - Part 1

Zippy Tutorials

This is the space for the quick or what I call zippy tutorials. You'll find the basic instructions of how to make jewelry pieces on these pages, but not necessarily all the detail processes. You may already know these processes or you can find the how-to of these processes somewhere else.

Men's Silver Ring
Wire Ring Making is fairly easy if you know the basics of soldering. I made this double wire ring as a gift to my dad. It's an unfussy and simple ring, but quite heavy.

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