Wire Jewelry Tools

The Basic Tools and Equipment

Wire jewelry tools and equipment... this page is about what you'll need to start making jewelry using wire.

You'll need...
  • a work space
  • wire jewelry tools for bending and shaping
  • hammering and hardening tools

Wire Jewelry Tools

Your Work Area

You Need a Table to Work On
A kitchen table or desk will be good. If you are going to hammer you can get another sturdy surface to hammer on. I use a sturdy and strong stool that is higher than the average chair.

You Need to Protect Your Table With a Cover.
The color of your table cover will be your background while you work. A solid color is best. I have a black table cover. It works just fine.

You Need Light
You need light that is good enough to work at... enough light to see clearly what you are doing with your hands and pliers.

Use a reading lamp to add light. Ideally you want light from more than one direction to avoid hard shadows. Try to place your lamp light facing in more or less the opposite direction than the other light.

Wire Jewelry Tools For Bending, Shaping and Cutting

Three pliers and a cutter...
  • round nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers
  • flat nose pliers
  • cutter
  • equalling needle (number 2 cut) file or a file with a similar filing surface with at least one flat side

Tools for Hammering and Wire Hardening

You will use the hammer to reshape the wire or make a flat surface on the wire. Anything from 4 - 8 ounces will be good. A ball peen hammer is good (if you are going to buy one). But you may have one available... try this one out before you buy another.

Steel Bench Block
What it really is, is a flat smooth surface of hardened steel. You use it to hammer the wire on... the hammer and the bench block always work together.

Nylon Head Mallet... you can get by without this one
It is a hammer with nylon ends. You use it to straighten wire and to work harden by hammering lightly. Don't stop your jewelry making ... just because you don't have this one. If you take care you can use the other hammer that you have. Tap lightly on the wire so that you don't leave marks on the wire.

Hammer Noise Muffler
You need something that is going to absorb some of the noise when you hammer the wire on the steel block.

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