Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Hammered Hoops Part 3... The Process

Wire Jewelry Tutorial - Hammered Hoop Earrings - Part 3

Wire Jewelry Tutorial - Hammered Hoop Earrings - Part 3

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Step 5...

Wire jewelry making instruction - Hammer the wire with a mallet. Hammer the wire with a mallet...

Move the wire up on the mandrel until the hoop fits snuggly.
Hammer the hoop with the mallet all around. This is to make your earring hard and keep its shape without damaging the wire.

Step 6...

Hammer the hoop on a bench block. Hammer the hoop on a bench block...

Position your hoop so that the small-simple-loop is placed over the edge of the bench block. You don't want to hammer on the small-simple-loop.

Start hammering from the bottom-center of the hoop and hammer outwards around the hoop. You do this to get an evenly shaped hoop.

Step 7...

Bend the simple loop... Bend the small-simple-loop...

Bend the small-simple-loop into position.
Make the bend with chain nose pliers.
Bend it upwards/outwards.
Bend it almost 90 degrees with the hoop.

Step 8...

Finished Hammered Wire Hoop Bend the plain-wire-end into position...

The plain-wire-end is the other end of the earring than the simple-loop-end.
Use chain nose pliers to make this bend.
Make the bend in the wire hoop just before the hoop makes a full circle.

Notes for the material and tool challenged.
Don't let your limited tools and materials stop you from trying to make hammered hoop earrings. In this tutorial I have given you the best method that I know. There are other ways to get the job done. It may not be the easiest or quickest way to perfect earrings, but you can get really good results with practice.

Some of the adjustments you can make in this wire jewelry tutorial...

Use any other tubular shape to make your hoops if you do not have a ring or bangle mandrel. Dowel rod and PVC piping are some of the substitutes that I have used. But really you can use anything that you are not going to damage by wrapping wire around it. You will probably not be able to hammer your hoop on it though. You may be able to skip step 5 if you use wire that is hard enough or hammer the small-simple-loop a little before you bend it around the mandrel.

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