Wire Ring Making

Wire ring making is fairly easy if you know the basics of soldering. I made this double wire ring as a gift to my dad. It's an unfussy and simple ring, but quite heavy.

Zippy Tutorial
To start with you'll need a piece of wire. I used a 12 gauge or 2mm diameter of wire. You'll need a piece much longer than the two rounds that you are going to use for the actual rings. You'll need twice the circumference of the ring and about 3 inches or 7 cm preferably more to be able to hold onto the wire while you wrap it around the mandrel.

You also need some knowledge of soldering, using a ring mandrel, sawing, pickling and polishing.

Men's Silver RingThere is more than one way to make this kind of ring. Here is the one I think is easiest especially if you have done wire work.

Start by making two jump rings the size of the final ring. Use your mandrel to make the rings.

Saw the two rings apart. Close the rings the way you would close a jump ring. You should end up with two perfect and identical jump rings. Using a jeweler’s saw to saw the metal makes it possible to have a perfect fit where the ring-ends join.

The next step is to solder the rings closed. Remember to use harder solder for this step.

Bind the two rings tightly together with binding wire. Make sure that the rings are exactly on top of each other. Solder the two pieces together.

All that is left to do now is to work harden the ring on the mandrel, pickle and polish.

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