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Blue Lacies

Wire Wrap Earrings... Pair

The Story of the Blue Lace Beads - Wire Wrap Earrings

About 15 years ago I bought a pair of pretty blue lace agate beads and a few other near perfect gemstone beads. I thought of these beads as personal treasures. It was an easy decision to keep the beads whenever I clutter cleared my drawers.

When I bought these beads I just knew that I loved the stones... I thought that maybe one day I will get to make my own jewelry. But it was never a serious thought. I guess I had no clue that the opportunity will come.

Since then we have gained the Internet and bead stores have appeared almost everywhere. <br>I have learned to make jewelry and I made these two beads into a pair of earrings.

Wire Wrap Earrings... Close-up

I used a loose/soft wire wrapping technique at the top of each bead. I have used this technique a few times. I like the final result. But, at first I was not keen to use the technique... I felt that I didn't have that much control over the final result (I just hoped for the best). To make similar wraps for two earrings seemed a challenge.

Wire Wrap Earrings... Front

The more you use this technique, the more you realize that you are getting more and more control of the wire. The two wraps will never be exactly the same, but they can be similar enough to wear in your ears... the earrings are never next to each other, should someone feel like comparing them. And anyway, they are not machine made... handmade and perfectly imperfect.


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