Wire Wrap Jewelry

 and Other Fiber Techniques

Wire wrap jewelry is just what it says. However, there are a number of techniques that are closely related. It seems like these techniques are sometimes falling under the wire wrap banner, especially when they are used with the wire wrap technique in the same design.

What is Wire Wrapping?
The short explanation of wire wrapping is really simple. As you may have guessed it is wire that is being wrapped. The wire that is being wrapped is wrapped around something. We call that something a core.

The Core
The core can be a single wire or a number of wires. It is not always round. It can be any number of shapes.

The core can be permanent and be part of the final design. It can also be temporary and be taken out after it has served its purpose of shaping. Wire is rigid enough to allow you to take the core out and this neat characteristic opens up a whole lot of other possibilities.

Other Techniques
The other techniques that I have mentioned are all (or almost all) familiar. Why? They have been adopted from the technical knowledge of using yarns, threads and basketry materials. This knowledge has been around for thousands of years before metal technology existed. That is also the reason why many of the techniques used with fiber materials were transferred to metalwork.

I found this answer and the list of techniques in Oppie Untracht's Jewelry Concepts and Technology.

A List of the Techniques

  • coiling
  • zeizing
  • braiding
  • plaiting
  • interlacing
  • twining
  • lattice twining
  • stitching including embroidery and sewing
  • knotting
  • crocheting
  • knitting
  • weaving

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