Wire Wrap Rings

I think of wire wrap rings as rings where any form of wire wrapping has been used in the making. You'll find that the words wrapped and wrapping are also used to describe this style of wire ring. On this page I talk about these techniques and share the best tutorials that I found with you.

It could be a ring made out of wire only or it may include a bead, many beads, or cabochon. These are the generally used additions but you can add anything you like in with the wrapping.

The big plus of making rings with wire wrapping is that you can make a sturdy ring even if a single wrapping is not strong enough. The grouping of wire wraps makes the band part of the ring so much stronger.


Rosette Wire Wrapped Ring

The Rosette Wire Wrapped Ring was probably the first pretty and doable wire ring that I can remember seeing on the internet.

What you'll need
To make this style you'll need 22 gauge (0.65 mm) soft wire. You'll need 12 inches or 30.5cm of wire. The ring in the picture is made of sterling silver wire.

Wire Wrap Ring - Rosette

You can find the tutorial here
and it's from McFarland Designs.

Wrapped Ring with a Stone or Bead

Glass or Stone Beads
You can use transparent and semi-transparent glass or stone beads in wire rings. However you have to remember that the wire is going to be visible where it runs through the bead. I have also found that the hole in the bead and the wire can looking dirty as time goes by and the wire oxidizes or some dirt get trapped in the hole.

Below is a particularly pretty design with the onion cut stone bead. This same ring making technique can be used to make rings with almost any shape of bead.

What you'll need
To make this style you'll need 22 gauge or 20 gauge (0.65 mm or 0.8 mm) soft wire depending on the size of the hole in the bead. You'll need 12 inches or 30.5cm of wire.


You can find this tutorial by Erin Weik here
at Lytha Studios

Spiral Wire Wrap Ring with a Bead

With this tutorial you'll learn to make a ring with a spiral using wire and a bead with a large hole.

What you'll need
You'll need 1 foot or 30.5 cm of wire for this project.
In the tutorial it's recommended that you use 18 ga or about 1 mm diameter soft wire.
You need a large hole bead with a hole where the wire can fit through twice.

Spiral Wire Wrap Ring

You can find the tutorial here and it's from Bead Mecca

Wire Wrap Ring

Wire Wrap Ring Tutorial
In this video tutorial (picture above) you'll see and learn how to make three different styles of rings.

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