Wire Wrapping Instructions

Wrapped Loop Techniques

Find the Technique that Works Best for You

Wire wrapping instructions... There are more than one way to do a wrapped loop (or wrapped eye pin). Find the one that is going to work best for you.

There are two commonly used methods or techniques (with variations) to do a wrapped loop. In the end the result looks the same. In total you will use the same tools, but you use it differently. The basic tools are...

I learned the one method (technique A) when I started out and I still prefer it. However, technique B seems to be very popular. There are many smaller variations within the two techniques as you will pick up when watching the videos.

The Two Main Techniques... Technique A

In Short... wrap, bend, wrap, snip

  1. You start your loop with wrapping the wire round the round nose pliers,
  2. then you make the bend in the loop,
  3. then wrap your wire around the core wire and
  4. cut.

Instruction Video
This link will take you to Connie Fox's video website. Watch one of the wrapped eye pin videos. All the wrapped eye pin videos are the same in content. However they are different in size and in application that they use.

Technique B

In Short... bend, wrap, wrap, snip

  1. You start by making a bend in the wire,
  2. then wrap around the round nose pliers,
  3. then wrap around the core wire and
  4. cut.

Wire Wrapping Instruction Videos
Here are two fairly clear and step by step videos. They are from two points of view. It is good to watch them both to get a better idea of how the technique works.

Video 1 - You are watching the instructor as if you are sitting in front of her.

Video 2 - You are watching the process as if you are doing it yourself.

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